At Brown Armstrong we know a little something about running a business. After all, when we opened our doors 45 years ago, we didn’t have the eight partners and team of employees that we do now. We did it through strategic planning, keen decision making, and by possessing a superior knowledge of our industry and our market.

Each member of the Brown Armstrong team is a highly skilled professional with the industry knowledge, keen decision making skills and strategic planning ability to assist you in achieving your business goals. That is why we are one of the fastest growing, best managed, and most highly respected teams in California.

While we provide comprehensive services to a variety of businesses we have a group of five partners who have honed their skills and knowledge in five distinct industries.

The Furious Five

The Furious Five have assembled teams that can’t be beat when it comes to experience and knowledge in their respective industries.  These teams are affiliated with professional organizations and trade groups in their specialized industries.

They keep themselves current on all aspects of their industries. They also go beyond the numbers and into the field to ensure that they can exceed your expectations and provide opportunities.

We treat each client as if they are our only client. This level of service, dedication, and loyalty allows us to create a personal and lasting relationship with our clients, which is unique in any industry.